We’re CodeSee, and we’re on a mission to help developers improve how they navigate and understand today’s increasingly complex codebases.

Solving an age-old challenge
Since the advent of computer programming, not a lot has changed in the approach to onboarding developers to a project. Even today, most take on a new codebase in much the same way as they did in the earliest days of the first high-level programming languages—reading a codebase line by line alongside documentation in an attempt to gain a sense of familiarity with its format and function.

As a part of an industry dedicated to all-things-innovative, we’ve got to do better!

It’s time for something new
We created CodeSee because we believe it's time for something new—a fresh approach to software development that provides today’s engineering teams the tools they need to truly understand a codebase. With the right tools, developers can actively expand their programming knowledge and skills with greater ease as they take on complex codebases.

We’re beginning to realize our vision with CodeSee Maps.

(Actually) understand your codebase
Maps provides development teams up-to-date codebase data and insights in dynamic, interactive architecture diagrams. Using Maps, teams can clearly visualize an entire system and quickly orient a developer so they gain the clarity and confidence they need to make accurate and fast decisions.

Please, join us
We’d love for you to join our beta program to explore how Maps can help your team gain a stronger understanding of your codebase; there’s no commitment or credit required, we’re truly just seeking ways to improve your experience!

A bit of background
Since December 2019, we’ve benefitted from the guidance and investment from groups like Boldstart, DCVC, Rethink Capital, Precursor Ventures, and Uncork Capital, plus a world-class collection of angels with experience building developer-centric businesses like ours, including Edith Harbaugh of LaunchDarkly and Guy Podjarny of Snyk.

Team CodeSee
CodeSee co-founders, Shanea and Josh, lead our thirteen-person global team made up of domain experts in design and engineering, product management and sales, and developer relations and marketing. We’re each uniquely aware of the challenges of working with complex codebases and share the drive to deliver a better (more human) experience for all.

Leading up to CodeSee, Shanea was Senior Director of Product Management at Docker and Josh was Director of Engineering at NoRedInk. Learn about the events that led them to start CodeSee—you might find yourself relating to the situation.

CodeSee Team Photos
The CodeSee Team

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And if you work with codebases—as a developer, product manager, software architect, or founder—then what we're building is for you; if you’re open to sharing your ideas on what CodeSee can help you achieve, please email feedback[at]codesee.io.