Taking a product to market is challenging. It’s not just the business and product planning and development, but also the marketplace noise. The competition is real—especially in the world of developer tools—and you’re likely to feel it as a young company navigating the go-to-market stages.

Shared goals, perspectives, and space in Product Hunt

It helps to have a space that feels supportive, boosted by a community of like-minded folks focused on encouraging individuals and teams in their journey from product concept to delivery. For CodeSee, that space and community is Product Hunt.

In early November 2021, we launched CodeSee Maps on Product Hunt. We invited everyone we knew along for the ride—our family, friends, and company cohort—and we were delightfully shocked by the results. The joy felt across Team CodeSee was palpable as we watched our Upvotes climb and we settled into the awesome realization that CodeSee Maps was a tool that was proving to be useful to a lot of devs. We got ‘Product of the Day’ and ‘#4 Product of the Week’.

CodeSee Maps makes the Golden Kitty Awards semifinals

Fast forward to January 2022, and CodeSee Maps is back at the fore at P.H. as a semi-finalist in the Developer Tool category for the 2021 Golden Kitty Awards. Our team is honored to be listed among so many incredible developer tools, and grateful for the continued support of the Product Hunt community.

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From all of us on Team CodeSee: 💜